SYLVERSYS Consulting International

SYLVERSYS Consulting International is a solutions integration firm with a specialty in providing secure computer and network products/solutions for businesses and organizations in the private and public sector.

We are a multi-disciplinary services company dedicated to helping our clients select, purchase and implement robust, cost-effective IT solutions.

Created to delivering innovation and achievement, SYLVERSYS Consulting International collaborates primarily with businesses of any size to help them become Value-Driven entities.
Our service philosophy relies on our expertise in end-to-end consulting, know-how of technology markets, deep understanding of emerging/current/legacy technologies and outsourcing models to help clients achieve “Value-Driven Solutions” so they in turn can deliver on consistently-growing values for their partners and stakeholders.



What we do

Using our products and services we help clients in West Africa and around the world to:

  • Use technology as an asset rather than a liability to boost their performance
  • Increase their productivity and maximise return on their technology investments
  • Evaluate and acquire new markets, technologies and systems
  • Implement new/major upgrades of systems and infrastructure
  • Improve operational excellence from existing services and systems
  • Ensure continuity of operations and organizational resilience


What we believe in

Our core values guide us in how we create respect and value our judgment and deliver on our commitments:

  • Customer Enthusiasm: Completely satisfied customers who recommend us to business partners
  • Passion for Technology: Our desire is to use technology to improve every aspect of business for ourselves and our customers
  • Ongoing Improvement: Our goal is to constantly advance in all aspects of our business
  • Intelligent Aggressive Approach: We tackle every problem intelligently and adapt rapidly to technology changes
  • Consultants Satisfaction: We attract the best and they stay with us over long terms
  • Community Welfare: We are profitable and use our capital wisely, and invest in the welfare of the community of West Africa


How we do it

We establish partnerships with the best in technology solutions, to deliver the best to our customers. In that regard, we have strategically partnered with Microsoft™, Cisco®, HP™, Dell™, Fortinet®, to name but just a few.

Our company is led by proven I.T Experts and Management Consultants whose expertise spans the areas of enterprise architecture, systems architecture, technology infrastructure, information security, core networking, unified communications, business processes, business continuity and specialised business.


The first step we use to engage with your company is through an assessment or audit of your business, its operations and processes, architectures, applications, data and systems.

With this understanding, our teams will be able to provide you with a business transformation plan with recommendations and strategies taking into account your people, processes and technologies.


Once your requirements are understood, we create a synergy between your teams (functional and technical) and our teams to create the solution (applications, IT systems and management systems) that suit your business.

By achieving this, we help you create a more robust environment for the delivery of your services to your customers with the highest level of quality possible. Focus on your business, we focus on the systems.


Not only we implement your solutions, we make sure your teams are capable of using, managing and maintaining the delivered systems. Your personnel must understand and master the usage and processes around them.

Thus we provide training sessions as well as documentations on the business applications, IT systems and management systems we deliver making your institution more robust to change.

Your Satisfaction

We believe that our clients’ success is our success; we believe in professionalism, we consistently maintain high standards for service and are always able to bring the best team of senior consultants to bear on every single project. We are only satisfied when you get what you want.

Your Growth

We understand our clients business needs, we comprehend their business specific language. We live the way they live. We help enterprises explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue. We make sure every brick we put in your business is beneficial to your growth.

Your Environment

Our bilingual consultants are a definite asset in communicating with the project stakeholders; minimizing the gap that usually occurs due to language and culture barriers and have a proven experience in executing projects in the largest organizations in the region.

We have the resources and expertise to manage your technology

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