Vulnerability Management

Identify & Correct Vulnerabilities, Secure Your Systems


Treat, Protect

The information stored on your network is critical to your business. However, inherent vulnerabilities in your computer systems can allow unauthorised users to exploit the same systems you are using to protect your data.

Vulnerabilities can occur due to upgrades, changes to the system or simply by new system bugs being discovered. Once these vulnerabilities exist on your network, they can be exploited to compromise the data held on it.

To this end SYLVERSYS has the skills and solutions to provide our clients with a Vulnerability Management Service. We offers network security audits and vulnerability management to companies of all sizes.

A solid vulnerability management program goes far beyond vulnerability scanning. For every vulnerability that is discovered, a mature vulnerability management program should be able to:

  • Identify the vulnerability
  • Measure risk
  • Drive remediation
  • Retest to ensure closure
  • Establish root cause (how the vulnerability was introduced)

Periodic Assessments

Constant Validation of Your Systems

Given the dynamic nature of IT environments, annual vulnerability assessments can leave organizations vulnerable to a wide range of threats ranging from unpatched hosts to rogue assets.  To effectively manage threats, organizations should periodically validate the security posture of information assets by auditing for common software vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses.  This process includes frequent auditing against standards, configurations, patch management, change control and other operational processes.  A comprehensive vulnerability management program integrates into the culture of an IT security program as a systemic activity and allows interested parties to understand the relative risk level of technology assets at any given time.

SYLVERSYS’ Vulnerability Management consulting service implements tools and processes to help security stakeholders periodically validate the security posture of information assets over their entire lifecycle.  Our approach develops and deploys the foundational components of a vulnerability management program.  Additionally, SYLVERSYS can manage the program from both a strategic and tactical perspective.  The approach includes on-site and remote assistance in vulnerability management and periodic testing exercises to ensure defenses are working as planned.

The Threat & Vulnerability Management team protects and secures client information assets through threat and vulnerability assessments. Assignments range from performing ‘ethical hacking’ to realistically testing the design and effectiveness of the controls of internet systems, applications, remote access points, as well as internal networks and systems.

Our Consultants have gained experience in evaluating technical and operational controls implemented within systems and business processes against global standard practices. We will review your system’s security and controls at the design stage to ensure that the risks have been adequately considered and mitigated along with our dynamic team of consultants.


Why use it

The Vulnerability Assessment services evaluate the strength of your defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by attackers. Our consultants leverage methodologies from our incident response practice to provide the most in-depth and real world scenarios possible. Vulnerability Assessments provide you with actionable recommendations. All findings are rated based on risk, probability of exploitation, and potential business impact. This allows you to address the issues that matter the most to you.

We customize the exploitation and assessment work to your environment and goals. For example, you specify separate instances of critical data that cannot be lost and we attempt to break into the environment and access that data. Our red team can often stealthily break into highly segmented and secure environments and exfiltrate example data.


What you get with it

The Vulnerability Management Program offered from SYLVERSYS is designed to minimize these risks and help you focus on the business you do best. We provide you with the consulting services you need to address every aspect of the vulnerability protection process, including planning, monitoring, and metrics.

The most successful information security Vulnerability Management Programs are ones that go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to incorporate comprehensive and personalized services as unique as your business. That’s why SYLVERSYS offers a range of vulnerability management options that can be adapted to create the strongest network possible.

For the initial stages of planning, we provide services for analyzing and quantifying your vulnerability protection plan. These services are designed to provide quantitative results on the impact of information security on your bottom line. Our services include:

  • Vulnerability Exploitation Tools/Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Severity Ratings
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • Vulnerability Tracking Metrics
  • Vulnerability Tracking Documenting and Communicating

As you move forward through your vulnerability protection plan, we provide a wide range of services meant to maintain and manage your information security needs. Based on gaps and weaknesses identified in the first steps, we can implement plans based on:

  • Vulnerability Threat Concerns
  • Vulnerability Methods of Attack
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Reporting
  • Vulnerability Remediation


How we run it

It is a challenge to have a constant scrutiny of vulnerabilities and be ready to fight outages that ensue. As organizations embrace new age technologies like cloud, mobility, big data it becomes important to understand the vulnerabilities or security loopholes this adoption can bring into an organization. SCI provides an efficient vulnerability assessment and management service covering infrastructure, applications and processes. Our services ensure that your IT landscape is not in the direct line of information security threats.

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services rely on industry leading proven methodologies. We not only employ the best tools, but also carry out validation through manual testing by certified security experts.

  • Vulnerability assessment: Internal / external infrastructure, application vulnerability assessments to test your security perimeter and find out possible loopholes which can be compromised by attackers
  • Vulnerability recommendation: Detailed recommendations based on the findings with threat models
  • Vulnerability mitigation: Ongoing vulnerability mitigation tracking to ensure that all vulnerabilities are tracked down and removed, thus creating a stable and secure environment for your applications and data
  • Vulnerability tracking: Vulnerability tracking dashboard & workflow helps you with a vulnerability mitigation plan and a dashboard view of your infrastructure’s landscape with a clear view of your security posture
  • Vulnerability SOC integration
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