Identity & Access Management

The Right Access For The Right User


Secured Information

Being able to answer such questions as “Who are you?”, “What access should you have?” and “Where are your located?” is foundational to digital, mobile, and physical identity and access management (IAM).

Managing privileges and associating them with the provisioning of services, assets, and access are just as critical as shutting those privileges down when roles change or employees leave.  And maintaining user access and need-to-know basis privileges are essential to protecting sensitive data.

When we help companies tackle IAM effectively, they enjoy the benefits of empowered and trusted users who can connect to sensitive resources no matter where they are.  But to secure enterprise information in a compliant and cost-effective manner while providing adequate protection and an optimal user experience is complex and difficult, particularly in a boundary-less environment in which users leverage a variety of applications and tools – in the cloud, via mobile and on their own devices.

Managed Identity & Access

Manage Users Profiles as They Move

In most companies, managing user access to applications, on and off site, isn’t just a technology challenge. Fundamentally, it’s a business process challenge that involves the complex network of relations that comprises your institution. An appropriate IAM strategy not only mitigates risk by providing the right access to the right users at the right time, but it also reduces direct costs by consolidating applications, increases operational efficiency by minimizing support calls, and improves compliance with regulatory policies.

SYLVERSYS Identity and Access Management Consulting Services, designed for security aware organizations by information security experts, can help your institution effectively manage user identity creation and access to information across applications on and off site. Regardless of the technology you choose, you can rely on us as a single-source provider for a full range of services that include strategic consulting, detailed architecture, planning, and implementation services to make your IAM vision a success.

SCI Identity and Access Management Consulting Services can help you:

  • Develop a well-founded strategic infrastructure to support long-term goals
  • Onboard staff, interns, and consultants in days rather than weeks
  • Define and enforce institutional policies for identity and access management
  • Appropriately provision and de-provision users

We design systems from the outset that anticipate future requirements in identity and access management. Also, our consultants have broad and deep knowledge of the IAM software available on the market and they advise exclusively for the benefit and interest of the client. And while we specialize in traditional enterprise IAM technologies such as governance, provisioning, single sign-on and federation, we are actively engaged in projects involving consumer identity, social media login, mobile login, Internet of Things, customer data management, and IAM managed services.


Why use it

Access Management ensures that only authorized persons and entities have access to a constantly growing number of resources. Our holistic approach reduces your integration effort. Efficient and safe.

Identity Management controls the lifecycle of digital identities. Through an identity management system, users receive the appropriate permissions to carry out their daily tasks across numerous applications and resources. Regardless of whether employees are joining the company, changing departments, or leaving the company: the identity management system ensures that they have fast, reliable and timely access to the data, and that access is revoked in a timely manner when necessary.

Identity and Access Governance – controls the status of permissions, roles, segregation of duties and re-certification within an organization. The governance system determines what rights  and what access to specific information each user should have. The governance system can maintain roles and functions based on models to meet legal and audit requirements. We help customers ensure that authorization assignments comply with audit and regulatory requirements.


What you get with it

We approach IAM from a risk management perspective, which often is different than traditional IT consultants or system integrators.  Through experience we believe that an IAM focused on addressing key risks the business is trying to address that aligns and scales to their business risk appetite will ultimately create better value and be more sustainable to the organization. Our focus is on four key areas:

  • Reducing risk – often targeting key areas within the business
  • ​Making your company more secure
  • ​Addressing legal and regulatory concerns
  • ​Driving greater efficiency

While each client is different, we generally accomplish this through:

  • Understanding your organizational needs:  We partner with your internal teams, suppliers and stakeholders at all levels.  In our view, empowering your users in IAM by giving them a strong voice in the process is key to creating a program that reduces risk and creates efficiency.
  • Developing a customized IAM framework that will scale to your business and provide a roadmap for prioritizing and addressing specific IAM areas centered on reducing risks.
  • Addressing IAM problems in manageable stages by tackling specific issues step-by-step rather than implementing an overly ambitious, unnecessarily complex program.

IAM projects often are overly complex, use a one-size fits all approach, and are driven solely by IT.  Addressing IAM in manageable stages that tackle the problem areas with the greatest risks and enabling collaboration across the organization allows companies to prioritize key applications and/or user communities.  This approach delivers faster ROI and lowers the operational disruption common in “Big Bang” IAM implementations.

Our flexible approach engages all relevant stakeholders in the organization and improves the user experience of customers, employees and partners while reducing risk.

  • Identity Governance
  • IAM Policy & Standards
  • IAM Programme Support
  • Role Based Access
  • Privileged User Access Management
  • Identity Federation


How we run it

With the ever-expanding complexity of digital roles and identities (like employees, contractors, customers, partners, devices, and systems or services), application hosting models (on premise, cloud, and hybrid), application access channels (personal mobile devices, laptops, enterprise issued devices, public computers), and evolving business models, the corporate IT boundaries are fast shrinking. Constantly ensuring the right access to the right users at the right time for the right business purposes (without impacting user experience) is a top priority for enterprises today. SYLVERSYS Consulting International (SCI) helps organizations meet these objectives through its IAM expertise.

SCI offers a wide range of IAM solutions, implemented using market leading products in line with industry best practices in all three deployment models – on premise, cloud, and hybrid.

Our IAM services include:

  • Access Management design and deployment
    • Streamline the integration of access management services and software into your IT environment
    • Grant authorized users permission to use a service while helping to prevent access by nonauthorized users.
    • Establish a solid identity management foundation that can support expansion and integration across changing IT access methods and other areas in identity and access management (IAM)
    • Access enhanced reporting and analytic capabilities
    • Use identity management capabilities such as user provisioning, self-service, privileged user management and security intelligence for end-to-end user visibility
  • Cloud identity services
    • Strategic consulting to develop and execute a cloud IAM plan that drives not only cost savings but increased revenue and growth
    • Professional services that can include design, engineering and integration to implement an organization’s cloud IAM solution
    • Managed Services such as around-the-clock infrastructure, application hosting and operations
  • Identity and Access Management Strategy and Assessment
    • Complete initial scoping and preparation, collect background information and conduct assessment workshop
    • Analyze workshop results, identify key action areas and present assessment report recommendations
    • Identify and clarify the complexities around IAM
    • Conduct workshop to prioritize requirements
    • Build an incremental implementation roadmap based on an organization’s unique requirements
  • Identity governance and administration design and deployment
    • Centralized administration of roles, accounts, and access rights throughout the identity lifecycle
    • Automated access rights, recertification and reconciliation to help ensure policy compliance and remove orphaned account or correct noncompliant accounts
    • Separation of duties to help manage and prevent business process conflicts
    • Self-service capabilities for access right and password management to help reduce help desk calls
  • Managed Identity services
  • Multifactor authentication design and deployment
  • Managed Services:
    • Technical support, product upgrades and maintenance for medium to large scale IAM implementation
    • User account life cycle management and access recertification
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