Datacenter Management Services

Standardize, Virtualize, and Maximize IT infrastructure


IT Infrastructure

Technological advancements including cloud computing, automation, social media and mobility are forcing organizations to focus on creating efficient and cost effective datacenters. However, IT infrastructure maintained in silos and operating in disparate environments is increasingly leading to operational inefficiencies. With such complexities, the management of servers, storage and networks becomes difficult.

Furthermore, rapid business expansion plans made to keep pace with a dynamic market environment often lead to frequent and unplanned infrastructure upgrades. This results in significant financial and operational impact. The situation is further complicated by the lack of standardization, a central repository of reference documentation and adequate support from third party vendors.

Data Centers

The Heart of your Business

SCI’s end-to-end Datacenter Services across business domains help standardize, virtualize, and maximize IT infrastructure and assist organizations in adopting cloud technology as a pay-per-use model. We offer comprehensive solutions including consolidation and optimization of the IT infrastructure environment. Our solutions addresses challenges like server sprawl and consolidates the infrastructure footprint in data centers to reduce cost and complexities. In addition, we enable optimum reusability and technology consumption across business units by facilitating transparency, easy sharing capabilities, and an ‘on-demand’ environment.

Our cloud-based infrastructure as-a-service model helps you enhance operational efficiencies through technology augmentation and save on capital expenditure.

We offer comprehensive data center solutions including transformation and systems management, hosting and colocation services and building of secure and energy efficient infrastructure environments.

Our offerings help re-engineer the data center infrastructure and align its capacity with the organization’s business outcomes. We address not only technological challenges and cost pressures but also help realize data center infrastructure investments to their full potential. To further assure operational excellence, our dedicated data center services team, with the support of a service management ecosystem, provides round the clock support for your business processes, transactions and transformed data center environment. Our solutions help foster business growth and transformation initiatives by optimizing costs and ensuring that the initiatives are well within the organization’s budget.


Why use it

Our Datacenter services provide the necessary engineering support to right-size the organization’s infrastructure.

  • Lower costs and reduced complexity
  • Smaller carbon footprint and improved compliance with environmental regulations
  • Easier and more cost-effective datacenter management
  • Better resource utilization
  • Fewer business interruptions and better application performance (through dynamic capacity allocation)
  • Increased availability, decreased downtime (both planned and unplanned) of the data center with adaptive sourcing
  • Vendor-agnostic approach: A vendor-neutral approach enables us to recommend the best-of breed solutions that fit your needs, with the most advantageous commercial proposition.
  • Industry-standard frameworks: Alignment with industry-standard frameworks like ITIL V3 and Service CMMi, in conjunction with our pool of ITIL certified associates makes the best service-and process-oriented techniques available to you and ensures delivery excellence.
  • Strategic alliances: Our strategic partnerships with leading vendors give us access to their comprehensive portfolio of data center technologies and assets. This enables us to develop, test and build proofs of concept for a wide ranging spectrum of data center products. These leading edge offerings deliver customized flexibility, reusability and adaptability.


What you get with it

Our Datacenter Services cover all four key areas of an IT infrastructure lifecycle: from Design, Build, Improvement and Management. Our expertise lies in the system integration and systems management aspects of the IT infrastructure, and we provide the following services:

  • Data center optimization: Helps your business deliver more efficient and cost-effective data-center services to business users, while improving service availability.
  • Data center automation: Automates the typically manual tasks associated with provisioning, patching and support of data center services.
  • Private cloud implementation: Builds Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing solutions aligned to a service catalog, with optional service assurance definitions, and metering and building.
  • Hosting and Co-location services – Our hosting and Co-location facilities offer space, security, cooling, power and bandwidth for hosting and co-locating data infrastructure. Businesses then typically purchase, configure, and maintain all their hardware in the co-location facility. In addition, your colocation solution with SCI may involve SCI’s Cloud & IT Services to assist or provide cloud services and resources.
  • Datacenter Managed Services –Our Datacenter Managed Services capabilities are deep and varied, ranging from Infrastructure Management (Cross platform Server/Network/Storage management and Support in virtual and physical environments) to Remote Centralized monitoring of the Datacenter.


How we run it

Working with SYLVERSYS to manage your Datacenters will help you leverage on the knowledge of our multi diciplinaries experts to design, deploy and maintain your Datacenters. With our Datacenter Service delivers:

  • Enhanced infrastructure efficiency: Leverage existing, emerging, and innovative data center technologies and automated tools to streamline data center operations, improve efficiencies and productivity.
  • Increased business agility: Align data center infrastructure and associated capabilities with business goals to help translate overall business objectives into tangible IT services specific to the data center.
  • Optimized operational expenses: Optimize cost and ensure the appropriate use of information resources with reusable assets and tools, combined with the ability to ramp-up or down.
  • Improved data center scalability and privacy: Enhance scalability and adaptability of your data center with regular project mentoring for new technologies, and consolidation and virtualization. Our model also ensures data security, integrity, and reliability.
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