At SYLVERSYS Consulting International, we understand that you have to serve your customers by focusing on your key area of expertise in a high technology based economy.

We exist to allow you focus on your business and take the hassle of managing the technology aspects of your operations:

  • We are a community of skilled and experienced consultants who assist our clients to ensure their success
  • We guide our customers at a business level from conception to completion
  • We endeavor to understand our clients’ business
  • We focus on our clients’ requirements in the Technology, Information Security, Business Continuity Management, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture areas
  • We identify and design solutions
  • We ensure measurable deliverables
  • We assist in the delivery of the proposed solutions
  • We train your most valuable resources, your people


Auditing and Assessing your business environment

The increase in demand for reliable services has put audit and assurance services in the spotlight. Here at SCI, our main aim is to give our clients a clear insight into their corporate strategy, business processes, management and technology systems. We provide a range of audit, assessment, technology governance and management systems services.

We have raised the bar when it comes to quality as we know how important reliable service is. So, we will help you manage your operational and technological risks and make sure that the processes within your organisation run more efficiently. We are here to support you and help you make the right business decisions.

Understand our methodologies, processes and teams around our audit and assessment services


Advising you on the best processes, technologies and systems to implement and the strategies to do so

From IT infrastructure, business applications and management systems to restructuring underperforming processes, SYLVERSYS Consulting International offer its customers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their business operations.

Tailored services, technical excellence, confidentiality and ethical behavior build the long-lasting relationships we share with our clients, whether large groups, mid-caps or privately owned companies. SCI is a dedicated team of professionals and partners within the consulting services, supported by the expertise of SCI’s experts in the group.

Understand our methodologies, processes and teams around our advisory services


We can accompany you in the deployment of your solutions and systems.

We work on-site with clients to help them move beyond recommendations and pilots to achieve long-term improvement and measurable, bottom-line results. We help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices, and in particular, build capabilities through rigorous and supportive coaching.

SCI Implementation specialists work side-by-side with our industry and functional experts and partners, adding a critical dimension to our traditional consulting work. We partner closely with clients to help them produce rapid, significant, measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality, time-to-market, and other metrics.

Understand our methodologies, processes and teams around our deployment services


The most important step of implementation is the transformation of your people.

We are passionate about training and work closely with our clients to meet and exceed their learning and development needs. We take on board delegate feedback and continually update and improve course materials in line with industry developments. we aim to stay at the forefront of the industries we work in by investing in our current courses as well as new courses.

Our Training Academy provides a wide variety of training opportunities to support, maintain and enhance competencies and skills in various sectors. Whether it be a workshop, course or programme, the Training Academy offers solutions to meet all your training needs.

Understand our methodologies, processes and teams around our training services


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