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The increase in demand for reliable services has put audit and assurance services in the spotlight. Here at SCI, our main aim is to give our clients a clear insight into their corporate strategy, business processes, management and technology systems. We provide a range of audit, assessment, technology governance and management systems services.

We have raised the bar when it comes to quality as we know how important reliable service is. So, we will help you manage your operational and technological risks and make sure that the processes within your organisation run more efficiently. We are here to support you and help you make the right business decisions.

  • ISO Audit

    ISO Based Audits

    Taking the decision to implement an ISO based management system within an organization, gives an opportunity to organisations to align their processes to internationally recognized standards.

    SCI has developed approaches and techniques to assess and be your first line auditor for different ISO based management systems, namely ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). These methodologies are based on internationally recognized standards and good practices, in terms of implementation and audit.

    Our methodology follow standards as Projects In Controlled Environment version 2 (PRINCE 2), ISO’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology. They are also based on the technical knowledge of existing solutions for each of these domains that allows us to recommend the best processes and systems that will suit the organization’s business, internal team capabilities and budget.

    Our consultants are ISO Lead Implementer and Lead Auditors certified.

  • IS Audit

    Information Systems Assessments

    Valuable newer technologies and approaches continue to emerge and attract enterprise investments. But most organizations also have a legacy of sometimes, outdated internally developed applications which prevents them from adopting new technologies. Nowadays, small and medium to the world’s largest organizations and institutes use dozens of different applications. Therefore a need for advanced and well planned IT solutions and infrastructure is becoming a necessity in this new emerging world of technology.

    We created approaches and techniques to review, optimize and implement more resource efficient IT Systems based on internationally recognized standards for architecture, business process automation, and IT service management.

    These approaches and techniques follow standards as Projects In Controlled Environment version 2 (PRINCE 2), Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (CoBIT 5)Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0 or ISO 19510), The Open Group Architectural Framework version 9 (TOGAF 9 or ISO 42010), specially the Application, Information and Infrastructure domains. They are also based on the technical knowledge of existing solutions for each of these domains that allows us to recommend the best systems that will suit the company’s business, internal technical team capabilities and budget.

  • Processes

    Business Processes Assessments

    SYLVERSYS’ Business Process Assessment is a comprehensive consulting engagement lead by an SCI Business Process Analyst with extensive experience in analyzing and optimizing business operations systems and processes. Working with your management teams, functional specialists, and specialized personnel, SCI will conduct a review of all high impact business processes and various applications that are used in handling different types of customer contact. Through this process, we will gain an in-depth, cross organizational understanding of the specific challenges you face in your operations, and will be able to provide an informed assessment of the opportunities for improvement that will have the biggest positive impact on your operations.

    The SCI Business Process Assessment starts with a top-down approach to understanding your contact center, determining the center’s objectives, reviewing the operating environment and seeking to fully understand the daily experience of your personnel. The main objective in utilizing this top-down approach is to identify high-impact process inefficiencies, redundant data entry points, application usability challenges, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, reporting insufficiency and overall performance impact. By analyzing the personnel’s interaction with all of these components, we can recommend areas of focus that offer the highest payback and fastest return from any improvement initiatives.

  • Applications

    Business and Web Applications Assessments

    A Business or Web Application Assessment is a comprehensive application audit performed through the use of automated tools, manual penetration testing, code review, and application architecture review. The depth and breadth of the audit can vary by the specific scope and requirements for the audit. The goal of the audit is to identify application logic, configuration, and software coding flaws that jeopardize the security of the application.

    The Business and Web Application Assessments performed by SCI are based on the process and methodologies from the OWASP Web Application Testing Guide and the OWASP ASVS 2009 standard. These industry-recognized methodologies in addition to the experience and knowledge of SCI’s engineering staff provide a comprehensive and repeatable testing framework that will provide confidence in the security of your application.

  • Website

    Website Audits

    Our website audit service is a service that helps business owners to instantly analyze their websites and learn how they can be optimized. Our team of website auditing specialists will screen your website and turn valuable but fragmented data into clear reports that offer actionable insights and comprehensive tasks.
    With this report, we helps businesses achieve and maintain high rankings in search engines, keep track of social media and local SEO impact, improve conversions, monitor uptime and fine-tune their online marketing efforts.
    Our audit reports and recommendations are both easy to understand and easy to use, offering business owners a single dashboard in which to analyze and optimize their websites, through targeted action plans.


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