Business Process Management

Reach Operational Excellence


Aligned Practices

Excellence in process management enables a company to successfully align business practices with strategic objectives across the entire organization. As a result, functional silos or roadblocks disappear and the company is better positioned to satisfy all stakeholders, customers, owners, and employees.

SYLVERSYS’ BPM practice is uniquely positioned to cater to the Business Process Management (BPM) needs of its clients. Today, SYLVERSYS consultants collaborate with diverse clients across different industry verticals.

Operational Excellence

Robust KPI Based Process Improvements

SYLVERSYS’ BPM consulting services involve a comprehensive evaluation of end-customers, existing systems, process and enterprise-wide improvement initiatives, and the primary goals and objectives of BPM initiatives. We are focused on enabling robust, KPI-based process improvements that ensure uniform customer experience across the integrated enterprise. Our BPM consulting offerings include BPM strategy and roadmap, product evaluation, process simulation, modeling & re-engineering, and process upgrades and enhancements.

Our BPM technology services enable you to achieve optimal results from your BPM initiatives. Our dedicated technology team works on analyzing processes, understanding BPM strategy and roadmap, and enabling extensive collaboration with key organizational stakeholders to identify and implement the best fit for your specific line of business. Our BPM technology services include BPM implementation, production support & maintenance, software quality assurance, legacy system rewrite, and upgrade and migration.


Why use it

Successful adoption of BPM entails thorough assessment of our customer’s people, systems & processes, process-level & enterprise-level improvement objectives, and the objectives of the BPM initiative.

Our Strategic Services offering includes:

  • Process Architecture and reengineering
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Business Process Competence Center

Ongoing services to ensure peace of mind, which includes:

  • Production Support & Maintenance
  • Release Management
  • Validation & Verification (QA)


What You Get with it

BPM implementations call for different approaches, roles and expertise when compared to traditional application development.

Our BPM suite implementation offering includes:

  • Plan and schedule BPM Implementation
  • Conduct process discovery and optimization workshops
  • Document process specifications, requirements, rules, and KPIs
  • Create user interfaces for human steps and integration for system steps as required
  • Automate the business processes, KPIs and rules
  • Create dashboards and customize the workflow portal
  • BPM as a Cloud
  • BPM Environment Consolidation


How We Run it

Our BPM Implementation services to deliver the leading edge to your organization

„The implementation services include:

  • „Process discovery and project scoping
  • „Process modeling and design
  • „Business rules definition and engine
  • „Workflow engine
  • „Simulation and testing
  • „Optimization, reengineering and Automation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Upgrades & Migrations
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