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Effective IT for Sustainable Business Growth



Organizations that invest in IT know how important it is to keep the systems that serve as the backbone of their operations updated and properly maintained. And, as the company grows, its technology must be scaled accordingly as well. But with all of the solutions in the market, how do you know which one is the best, which will bring the highest ROI, and, most importantly, which best fits your company? The options are endless, but which one will truly bring value to your business?

If your company needs solutions in anything from IT applications to various infrastructure systems, networks, and IT structures, Beyondsoft’s IT consulting service can help you find the solutions or partners consistent with your company objectives and distinct from your competitors. Our targeted assessment of each client’s needs and objectives, done with the help of industry experts, help us come up with scalable and quality solutions that give them a competitive advantage.

Strategy & Governance

IT as a Business Enabler

Two-thirds of CEO’s consider IT as a strategic weapon and a differentiator according to “IT in Practice®”. Not having a strategy for utilising the competitive advantage of exploiting IT technology is lost business value.

Creation of a business-driven IT strategy takes a concerted effort by top management, the IT organisation, key technology people, business unit management, key business people and other high influencers. We help clients orchestrate and establish IT strategies and effective governance that are intimately aligned to the business goals and priorities, and make continuous development and subsequent execution easy.

SYLVERSYS is a truly technology-agnostic company and used to developing successful strategies by working in partnerships with influential stakeholders on all levels, to deliver both agile and robust results. SYLVERSYS has a recognised approach for proper co-creation of IT strategies, satisfying all relevant stakeholders based on business rationale, deep involvement, teamwork, coaching and visual scenario-building.

Growth companies have set their sights on using technology to edge even closer to their customers. Fresh studies reveal that business strategies shift towards customer intimacy as senior executives believe that the biggest potential for differentiation lies in customer-focused IT strategies and the unique customer experience.

Set up your business technology as a catalyst for customer intimacy.


Why use it

SYLVERSYS helps clients ensure that their technology not only supports their business, but improves it.  Just as other areas of the business have strategic plans, we believe an organization’s IT can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage by reducing cost, streamlining processes, and managing risk. SYLVERSYS’ IT strategy, transformation planning, IT governance, and portfolio management consulting services help clients formulate actionable strategies that help them to transform their business.

At SYLVERSYS, we understand that information, information security and information technology is always a business issue, not just an IT one. Our consultancy services assist organisations in properly managing their information technology strategies and achieving strategic goals. The benefits of choosing our IT Strategy & Governance Consultancy Service are:

  • We speak business, not technology; we are technology literate business consultants
  • We are vendor neutral, technology independent and framework agnostic; tailoring our consultancy to your organisation
  • Our transparent pricing enables you to control your costs
  • Our consultants have over 10 years of consultancy experience
  • We have a proven track record, working with organisations worldwide
  • We help you increase internal buy in to your project by leveraging your resources
  • We focus on transferring knowledge and skill to the people within your organisation

Maximizing the Business Value of IT investments and Improving IT Governance is a top priority and is becoming a regular agenda item in board meetings in many organizations. A strong link between business strategy and IT portfolio, effective stakeholder engagement, transparent performance management and unambiguous accountability is the building block of a good governance system which in turn improves the predicted ROI and reduces the risk exposure.

Our end-to-end services integrated with our intellectual properties (e.g. solution frameworks and methodologies) are designed based on our experiences and leveraging industry best practices.

  • Reduce wastage in IT investments by better Business – IT alignment
  • Improve Business Satisfaction Index by through Business-IT Relationship Management and business aligned IT performance Indicators backed by benefit governance
  • Reduce cycle time by institutionalizing the business-IT Demand/supply and Investment governance practices
  • Reduce IT management cost of change portfolio by establishing a projects-portfolio management function and a ‘as a service’ model of managing IT change initiatives
  • Consolidate the sourcing channels to enable effective implementation of sourcing strategy


What you get with it

Our consultants will help your organization develop a consistent technology modernization approach through an IT Strategy and Transformation Plan to:

  • Formulate plans and policies for how the organization will leverage technology to achieve its mission
  • Ensure priority areas are positioned for success and supported by the right technology
  • Orchestrate information sharing and collaboration within the organization and its partners

SYLVERSYS helps clients establish IT Governance processes that work.  Establishing effective IT Governance enables clients to:

  • Increase transparency in the procurement processes, eliminating siloed investments
  • Identify common technology standards, reducing licensing costs and overhead associated with developing and maintaining multiple environments

We also help clients approach IT investments from a holistic perspective.  Our Portfolio Management services can help clients:

  • Identify redundant systems and opportunities for collaboration and reuse
  • Find the optimal balance between IT resource demands and budget constraints by prioritizing investments
  • Identify performing initiatives and address unmet expectations
  •  Shift money from legacy maintenance activities to value-add investments

Our services within IT Strategy and Governance include:

  • Development of a business-driven IT strategy
  • Design of necessary IT governance structure, processes and organisation
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Smart sourcing and use of shared service centres
  • Maturity assessments and qualitative benchmarking of strategy design, strategy execution, capabilities, people & culture, and business value

We believe that IT management’s control and leadership ability in all aspects of the organisations IT portfolios is a prerequisite for success. Within ITSM, we offer consulting on IT management conditions and organisation, and assistance in IT acquisition and optimising of IT operations and administration in ITIL.

IT strategies are part of – or a derivative of – the company’s overall strategy. We can help our clients establish, revise and implement IT strategies with a focus on applications, organisation and infrastructure.


How we run it

Technology innovation and volatile market dynamics have challenged CXOs to demonstrate the Business Value of IT Investments while optimizing the current IT spends.
SYLVERSYS has a range of offerings to improve business benefits from IT investments, enable better business-IT alignment and deliver change effectively covering Strategy, Governance, Planning & Management of IT (as portfolio of services) within the CIO / CTO / COO organizations.

Our advisory and consulting services could be aligned and grouped in the following functional areas (service portfolios) in a typical IT organization to address the emerging industry challenges in maximizing business value of IT Investments leveraging robust frameworks, well-defined organizational structure and processes encompassing good practices and cutting edge IT planning tools.

  • Strategy
    • IT Strategy : through validation of current state, identification of opportunities for improvement and a roadmap for transformation to future state;
    • IT Governance Framework: for effective implementation of IT Strategy
    • M&A Post Merger IT Integration: for planning and managing seamless integration of people, Process & Technology with respect to IT capabilities and assets
    • IT Transformation & Simplification: for better efficiency and effectiveness
    • Sourcing Strategy: Validation of existing sourcing strategy & capabilities, develop futuristic roadmap
  • Governance
    • Business-IT Alignment: for maximizing Biz.-IT collaboration
    • Demand & Investment (Portfolio) Planning, Prioritization & Balancing: for streamlined demand capture & filtration, portfolio planning and balancing demand vs. capacity to create right sized delivery capability to support the IT demand
    • IT Operating Model Design: Design and development of the target operating model in achieving business-IT objectives for the future
    • Sourcing Governance: to enable effective implementation of Sourcing Strategy
  • Planning
    • Program Planning & Mobilization: for predictable program /project delivery by reducing risks and maximizing benefit realization
    • PPM & PMO Solutions: Design and establishment of a Portfolio / Program / Project Management Office
    • Sourcing (Partner/Supplier) Performance Management: Tracking achievement of sourcing goals and monitoring and managing supplier performance
  • Management
    • Projects-Portfolio Management: Set up Project-Portfolio Management (PPM) process framework , alignment with PPM tools for the change portfolio organization
    • Benefit Management: Maximize probability of IT program benefits into realization through establishment of a robust Benefit Governance Framework for the organizational IT Change Initiatives
    • IT Performance Management: for effective IT Strategy Implementation, enabling enterprise governance, and providing transparency to business
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