SCI Advisory Services

SCI advisory professionals work with you to cut through the complexity of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We leverage the knowledge and skills across our global network of consultants to develop practical recommendations designed to help you work smarter, grow faster and compete stronger.

We are trusted advisors to our customers. They choose us because we are known for our talented people, technical expertise, deep industry insights and our ability to get the job done.

We help you put in place the building blocks that will make your organization perform more effectively. Successful organizations are now using this time to transform their business, balancing the critical levers of success to achieve sustainable business performance; we will assist you to be part of this group of organizations.

  • Management Practice

    Management Systems Advisory Services

    A management system is the framework of policies, processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives.

    At SYLVERSYS, we have the capabilities and expertise to assist you in the analysis of your business and advise on the management systems your company require to be more efficient. We have a multi-disciplinary team ready to work with your organization’s teams to get the company to the next level.

    Our practice is based on internationally recognized management systems mainly ISO, but also best practices in each field of expertise.

  • IT Advisory

    Information Technology Advisory Services

    SYLVERSYS Consulting  is a strategic technology consulting firm that helps our clients provide value and streamline operations through the innovative use of technology. We focus on the alignment of our clients’ unique business needs to the technology solutions that are best suited for their environments (large and small). Our consulting services encompass the full information life-cycle.

    We understand how critical technology is to our clients’ success. We work with our clients from the initial stages of planning their technology investments. We examine their business strategy, assess the alignment of their internal operations to the strategy, and evaluate the existing information systems. We architect technology solutions and assist in implementing the new or improved solutions. Our goal is to help our clients utilize technology that will help support their corporate strategy, solve business challenges, and stay competitive.

  • Cloud

    Cloud Advisory Services

    Our Cloud Advisory Services are designed to help you successfully transform your business in the cloud.

    The business reasons for making the move to the cloud are compelling: cloud solutions can enhance business agility and speed up time to market, reduce costs while increasing process efficiency and improve both the user and customer experiences. But does your organization have the expertise, bandwidth and resources to take on a cloud transformation and ensure its success?

    SYLVERSYS Consulting has extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes transform their current business processes and achieve their desired outcomes by introducing cloud technology. Our Cloud Advisory Services support the three stages of cloud transformation: Readiness, Execution and Realization.

  • Operations

    Business Processes Automation Advisory Services

    With increasing cost pressures, businesses are focusing on non-linear revenue growth models by making considerable investments in automation.

    Our Operations Automation Advisory practice provides critical insights and approach methodologies for our customers, their clients and their suppliers in the Business Process Automation space. Whether it is a case of reducing operational costs, enhancing productivity and operational efficiencies or enhancing service delivery capabilities, we help clients establish a well-structured automation assessment and implementation roadmap, thereby helping them make strategic procurement decisions more effectively.

    Our expert team of consultants will help you determine which back-office processes and functions have a higher propensity towards automation. In close partnership with service providers and automation software vendors, we will also conduct current state process automation assessment reviews and identify desired future state levels through business process automation. We assist our clients in choosing the best technology and project implementation structures that best suit their budgets and operational requirements at any given point of time.

  • Cost Optimization

    Operational Costs Optimization Advisory Services

    Corporate and governmental leaders today need to manage operational costs while achieving greater efficiencies and scalability, and in many cases with less resources. Underpinning this directive is the need to drive organizational value and capture bottom-line profitability regardless of the business environment. Given this new reality, many executives have begun to demand more scrutiny regarding their technology spends and have become more focused on the concept of total cost optimization.

    To support this trend, SYLVERSYS Consulting has developed a robust solution designed to help companies optimize IT and operations spend based on industry benchmarking data and SYLVERSYS’ knowledge of how to apply industry best practices to these targets. Our methods give clients the cost data clarity they need to take action on the spend savings opportunities within operations and managed services providers. We offer a top-to-bottom total cost optimization analysis to help you keep your thumb on the financial pulse of your business.


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