SCI Deployment Services

SCI deployment consultants can provide the full range of expertise and services needed for end-to-end delivery of the implementation projects and programs. SYLVERSYS serves the complete lifecycle of Projects & Programs Management — from strategy and implementation, to application management and technical support.

We have developed approaches and techniques to review, optimize and implement more resource efficient Management and IT Systems based on internationally recognized standards.

SCI Deployment Services provides the resources and know-how to steer your organization through all the phases of your implementation, including strategizing the project, implementing the solutions, and managing the successful progress of the project.

  • Management Systems

    Management Systems Deployment Services

    A management system is the framework of policies, processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives.
    At SYLVERSYS, we have the capabilities and expertise to assist you in the implementation of the management systems your company require to be more efficient. We have a multi-disciplinary team ready to work with your organization’s teams to get the company to the next level.
    Our practice is based on internationally recognized management systems mainly ISO, and also best practices in each field of expertise.
    We are specialized in ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System, Business Process Management System and Enterprise Architecture Practice Implementation.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Information Technology Deployment Services

    A Secure high performance, scalable and robust Enterprise Network just doesn’t happen by chance. It needs to be carefully designed, and cared for. We will help your business by designing your converged (data, voice, and video) network and also put our expertise in network administration at your disposal.

    Bridging the gap between telephony and computing to deliver real-time messaging, voice, presence, e-mail, and conferencing to the desktop environment is what Unified Communication is all about. We can help your business redesign its overall communication strategy to benefit from such Unified Approach with no or little change to your existing communication infrastructure.

    As a Systems Integrator Service Provider, SYLVERSYS also specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensures that those subsystems function together. We can help you realize extra value from your existing systems by integrating them together for increased productivity and interoperability.

    Whether you are starting up, migrating your technology or relocating your business to new offices, we have the necessary expertise to help you implement your new IT Infrastructure seamlessly.

  • Business Applications

    Business Applications Deployment Services

    Technology, combined with vision and maturity, has enabled a new era of connectivity, where processes are handled electronically and employees, clients, distributors and partners are linked in ways that allow them to transact quickly, accurately, consistently and securely. The new-age technology like social, mobile, analytics/big-data and cloud now seamlessly co-exist with the modern core-systems, platforms and processes. They are beginning to show a meaningful impact on companies pricing, products and processing capabilities. SYLVERSYS’ deep technology expertise makes this happen.

    As Business Applications Service Provider, we are able to assist your business in the Application development &deployment phase by designing and building custom applications that minimizes maintenance costs while improving business results.

    When you have your applications running at full scale, we have the capabilities to run your Application Maintenance Services by maximizing return on your IT investments with application maintenance services and also with our Application Management Support Services we can help your users on the applications so you can focus on the business.

    With our expertise on Application Modernization you will be able to Modernize legacy applications to bring greater agility, ease of integration and lower IT costs.

  • Enterprise Security

    Enterprise Security Deployment Services

    As information systems tightly integrate with an organization’s business processes, they become critical to the long-term success and sustainability of the organization. Additionally, these systems have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage, maintain, and keep relevant to the organization.

    Businesses without an effective enterprise security program are exposed to a number of critical risks, including disruption or loss of revenue; damage to reputation and public confidence; unauthorized access to information; identity theft; unavailability of business-critical information; loss of physical assets; and threat to personnel safety.

    Our Enterprise Security Deployment offering strategically enhances information technology services by assuring required security controls are implemented and integrated in a prioritized fashion. This creates a strong link between information systems and the business objectives they enable by ensuring the information systems support the organization’s goals.

    Your ability to develop and execute a reliable information security strategy is dependent upon truly understanding your organization’s risks; SYLVERSYS is here to help you with this understanding and execution.

  • Online Presence

    Online Presence Deployment Services

    Online Presence Management is a new discipline of managing one’s organization, brand or personality on the internet. The internet has brought about many opportunities for organizations to increase their exposure to customers. Broken down, we have three elements; online, presence, and management. Online is to make the distinction of the practice related to digital marketing channels and not print nor physical display advertising. Presence is the behaviour of being present in a place or thing. While Management is dealing with and deliberately controlling or influence the outcomes of activities.

    Today’s Presence Management requires you to consider your factors under your control:

    • Web design
    • Content Marketing / Blogging
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Email marketing


    As well as factors that are exist beyond the control of your website across the rest of the internet:

    • Internet Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Directory Listings
    • Internet Forums


    We will perform one time, ongoing, and long term projects that will help you get noticed by the new clients, serve existing clients more efficiently and expand your reputation as a business.

    Contact us if you need help with any of these services. If you need something not listed here, just ask, we will be able to help.


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