Unified Communications

Communicate Smarter, Use all Medias


Bridge The Gap

Bridging the gap between telephony and computing to deliver real-time messaging, voice, presence, e-mail, and conferencing to the desktop environment is what Unified Communication is all about. We can help your business redesign its overall communication strategy to benefit from such Unified Approach with no or little change to your existing communication infrastructure.

Want to jump right in for the complete package of IP telephony, VoIP, unified notifications, mobile UC, collaboration suites and video conferencing? Not sure what exactly you’ll need and prefer to take baby steps with unified communications? SYLVERSY offers scalable solutions to suit your specific communication needs and budget.

Enrich Communication

Maximise Its Value For Your Business

Unified communications is no longer an option or a futuristic concept for any business that wants to stay relevant or increase its market share. The huge impact it has on daily operational efficiency and ultimately profits has prompted many companies to make the necessary infrastructure investments.

At SYLVERSYS, our mission has always been to understand customer needs and design solutions that deliver ROI. We streamline communications and step up collaboration by providing leading edge systems and applications to help businesses connect more efficiently across communication networks. Major industry players rely on our technology consulting and design/build expertise to successfully integrate their communications services, including telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging.

Our Unified Communications Expertise can help you work smarter, simplify your communication environment and lower the cost of operation.

We have a wide array of internationally-recognised methodologies, industry certifications plus qualifications from leading Unified Communications providers. With us, you’ll also have the ability to integrate solutions with the our etherPBX product for rich, seamless collaboration. Take advantage of our in-house specialists and leading partners to benefit from innovation that delivers value over the long term.


Why use it

We recommend using newer technologies because they’re more efficient and simpler to maintain. Your company benefits from systems designed from the start to accommodate how people work today.

For example, VoIP is successful because of its low cost, and its ability to adapt to ever changing business operations. Do your employees like to save voicemails? Archive them to email with VoIP. Do call transfers happen frequently? Lync Server does it with a click of a mouse.

We can provide you with a wide range of collaboration and conferencing solutions to help you get the most out of your team.

SYLVERSYS helps you enrich business interactions with powerful tools


What you get with it

Communication and collaboration are one of the pillars of success. Unified communication tools like IP telephony, VoIP, video conferencing, unified notifications, collaboration suites and the latest mobile UC provide the ideal set up to make it a reality. You can count on SYLVERSYS to unify and streamline communications so that you can optimize your business processes, IT infrastructure and return on investment.

We’ll help you:

  • Reduce travel and telephony expenses by introducing a virtual communications network that your staff can take advantage of no matter where they are located
  • Enhance communication and data sharing in a live and robust platform to accelerate decision making processes
  • Unify and speed up business processes, boost productivity, enhance profits and increase employee and customer satisfaction


How we run it

SYLVERSYS’ sophisticated unified communications solutions bring people and resources from various geographical locations together to collaborate and increase operational efficiency. Our web, telephony, IT and AV expertise takes connectivity and collaboration to an all new high.

Our experienced UC consultants will:

  • Assess your current situation and future needs
  • Design a unified communications plan that suits your business objectives
  • Provide professional implementation on-time and within budget
  • Offer continual technical support and technology consulting advice

With the benefit of our broader network and client services, we can help you transform the way you interact.

We design what you need
We design what you need Whether you want simple, packaged or custom-built solutions, we can deliver superior value, advice and support.

We leverage mobile network
Easily extend conferencing and collaboration to those working outside the organisation. Our UC offering leverages better mobile networks, along with the speed and reliability you need.

We only partner with the best
We’ve forged close, strategic alliances with leading technology vendors. You’ll have the most advanced solutions designed to work better on our networks.

We do it ourselves
We use conferencing and collaboration within our own organisation on a daily basis. We know what works, how to deploy it, and how to manage it.

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