Business Process Automation

Achieve Optimal Results


Customer Excellence

Your customers expect excellence every time they interact with your organization. Our Business Process Automation services provides a more intelligent foundation for improving customer-facing processes. Blending people and work together with greater precision, SYLVERSYS’ BPA Consultants apply the proven communications technologies and practices that contact centers use to optimize processes for interaction management and customer service.

An efficient automated solution for a process redefines it to make it organized, time saving, consistent and cost effective. Moreover you can get quality time to focus on the core work. Here are some sure shot benefits you get, through our business process automation services.

More Efficient Business

Augment Business with Better Productivity

Every business has defined work flows for its various departments and entire organization as a whole. No matter how good the product or service it delivers, the work process plays a dominant role in deciding its efficiency. IT process automation helps in improving the business process and brings consistency in its performance. It eliminates prolonged documentation process, while streamlining it for better coordination within departments and productivity results.

Our work as technology partner for providing process automation solutions has given terrific results to a diversified range of business models. Whether the client requirement is to automate the entire working or a small segment like of it, our team, deep dives into their process to analyze the problem and develop a solution that perfectly fits their requirement. Through our business process automation (BPA), we aim to pace up and improvise the work flow of our client’s business.

SYLVERSYS’ BPA proposal enables companies to streamline even the most complex enterprise business processes by applying these proven communications technologies to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, track, and manage processes through the entire process lifecycle. This approach to process automation offers significant benefits.

There’s always a better way to do things. Any operation can be improved upon. Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and have your entire organisation at peak possible efficiency? At SYLVERSYS, we can give you the next best thing.

Why BPA?

Added Value of BPA

Business process automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of activities or services that accomplish a specific function or workflow. Business processes can be determined for many different segments of company activities, including sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources and information technology.

Here at SYLVERSYS, we build powerful, process-based business applications -and keep them up-to-date easily. Our BPA offering includes everything you need to build highly engaging, personalized, process-based business applications that adapt to your business changes in real time.


What you Get with BPA

With a BPA proposal, you will be able to gain:

  • Reduce costs, complexity, and time to deploy automated processes with simplified process design environment. We will fits easily into your existing environment. Processes make use of information from multiple systems, databases, and web sites.
  • Improve operational performance with complete visibility and control for every step of a business process; Real-time monitoring and automated escalations; Detailed reporting offers insight into global and individual performance.
  • Increase processing speed and quality by ensuring compliance with business rules, Create intelligent end user views that present task-relevant information from multiple systems and dynamically “guide” users.
  • Improve collaboration and enhance the customer experience by seamlessly connecting internal employees with each other or the customer. Schedule follow-ups, interact with the customer through their preferred channel, and track everything.


How We Run a BPA Program

As a major step of the BPM proposal, our BPA services include:

  • „Process discovery and project scoping
  • „Process modeling and design
  • „Business rules definition and engine
  • „Workflow engine
  • „Simulation and testing
  • „Optimization, reengineering and Automation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Upgrades & Migrations
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