Enterprise Architecture

Optimize your IT investments


Optimize IT Investments

Speed and perspective are not a luxury, but a requirement. SYLVERSYS professionals engineer products and services which are designed to meet the complexities of a constantly evolving market environment. Our approach integrates IT-powered intelligence with enterprise solutions to produce quality, accuracy, and enhanced customization.

We are agents of positive change. Our solutions are built by experts who deliver intelligence, expanded capabilities and performance driven roadmaps for forward moving organizations.

Business & IT as a Strategy

Redesign and Realign the IT and the Business

Realizing that a sound IT Application & Information Governance significantly increases an organization’s credibility and service value in today’s marketplace while reducing overall costs, SYLVERSYS extends its IT Applications and Information Architecture Consulting services to clients who aim at transforming their IT landscape to a more agile model.

Adopting a detailed, analytical approach to address and understand each client’s business requirements and problems, we minimize the risk component attached to any enterprise level IT investment, thereby increasing the net ROI. Operating as a blended service with our Enterprise Architecture Consulting offerings, we propose a number or strategy roadmaps for implementing the proposed IT project. In addition to enterprise-wide IT implementations, we also provide high-end consulting services for specific application and system implementation projects, implementing various governance frameworks, and maturity models required in today’s security and standard sensitive IT environment.


Why use it

SYLVERSYS’ enterprise architecture consulting services enable efficient business and IT transformations and creates platform for your business success.

„As Enterprise Architects we translate the strategic objectives and vision of an enterprise into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change. We help organizations develop their Enterprise Architecture, working closely with business and IT to understand the business drivers and vision and how this needs to be reflected in the Enterprise Architecture. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and technology challenges from which the Enterprise Architecture can be derived.

Businesses and public organization are increasingly digitalized. Transformation requires big picture view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information and technology assets. Enterprise architecture work aims to business and IT alignment with rational, fast to change and cost effective structures.

With SCI’s enterprise architecture consulting services we build you a platform for business execution with industry best practices and with tens of years of experience in governance and architecture planning in all enterprise architecture viewpoints.

We can help you from vision setting and strategic choices all the way to practical implementation of your business execution platform. We can support you also in enterprise security and SOA/Integration development.


What you get with it

SCI’s StratTeam-MSE service provides the Customer with rapid capability development for architecture development including evaluation, planning, designing and implementation of the enterprise architecture. It is a process that covers all relevant and selected architectural architecture development areas for the customer and integrates with customer’s own EA Practice.

Value for the customer:

  • Flexibility – You buy just what you need, you can upscale and downscale
  • Competence E2E – Huge amount of methodologies, templates and consultants are available for you when you need them, not just individual with limitations of one person
  • Results – SYLVERSYS can successfully take full responsibility in different architecture development and governance areas, small and big
  • Value for money – We bring lessons learned of the big organization, not just one consultant,  cost of the service is very reasonable compared to outcome
  • Understanding your environment – Using our StratTeam-MSE service, the resources very quickly knows your business and IT environment
  • Fit for purpose – If you have your own EA Team already, we integrate to it and expand it as well as do to other available processes you already have in your organization
  • High speed – We lift your architectural capability up in a very short time in the areas you need it

„Our services also include:

  • „Translation of enterprise strategies to definite technical requirements
  • „Enterprise business needs Analysis
  • „Technical RFP consulting
  • „Business solutions design and architecture
  • „Solutions quality assurance
  • „Technical writings


How we run it

In order to help you implement your own EA Practice, we will go through three different phases:

  • Current Practice Assessment – We will review your management practices for IT investments and projects decision making, the level and depth of controlled documentation, gap analysis between business strategy and IT strategy;
  • Definition of a Phased Approach for EA Practice Implementation – With your teams, we will select the some business segments to implement the EA practice go through the different steps of the Architecture Development Method (ADM) and finally analyse the benefits and results of the practice;
  • Training – This ensures that the EA Practice will be maintained for future innovations and projects.

During the execution of the ADM for any selected business segment, we analyse your business to define your:

  • Business Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Applications Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Technology & Business Transformation Program
  • Implementation & Migration Plans
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