Infrastructure Management

Fit for Purpose, Value for Money


Fit for Purpose

With the evolution of technology, CIO’s and their staffs are challenged with selecting the appropriate infrastructure that meets the demands of the business. Whether it is on-premise with a purpose built environment, or leverage the financial, delivery, and technology models of the cloud, each decision must take into account a flexible and cost-effective platform for mission critical applications.

SYLVERSYS’ Infrastructure Management Services help clients in multiple industries select, design, and implement the most appropriate infrastructure technology for their business environments. Our goal is to help you drive maximum results from your investment, enhancing the productivity of your business, while reducing capital requirements and operating costs.

Join the clients who have turned to SYLVERSYS for help with making the right decision about their technology infrastructure. We help you define your requirements and narrow the list of technologies and platforms that will meet your needs, resulting in an accurate evaluation of the implementation costs, timing and resources required so you make the most of your investment.

Effective Infrastructure

Economical, Secure, Adaptable Environment

Transform your IT landscape with effective infrastructure management solutions offered by SYLVERSYS’ IT Infrastructure Services.

Making IT Infrastructure more economical, secure and in-line with rapidly changing business objectives has never been so important. Mobility, cloud and the explosion of information trends are fundamentally shifting the expectations and role of IT Infrastructure teams. Sixty percent of IT costs are dedicated to infrastructure and operation planning and controlling this expense while preparing for the future is a big challenge facing IT infrastructure teams across organizations today.

Your organization may own and manage a data center, or you may use a data center owned or managed by a service provider like us. Either way, you need to look across the IT Infrastructure and facilities and effectively plan, build and manage the infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility and service continuity.

At SYLVERSYS, we’re committed to meeting this need by helping you make informed decisions across the lifecycle of infrastructure services delivery. Our team of consultants provide the rare blend of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience to empower the value of your business with technology.

We help you in your IT Infrastructure and delivery optimization path. We have the proven approach and tools to help determine which workloads to move to the right delivery models for your business. With us, you will optimize cost incurred on hardware assets and software licensing fees and reallocates underutilized assets.

SYLVERSYS’ experts maximize technology’s contribution to the business. We can help in driving end to end technological transformation projects significant to your business needs to improve quality of IT service.


Why use it

Focus on our core business. That is what business leaders are saying today as they need a single point of contact for all of their IT operations. Enterprises want to optimize the hybrid IT environment and they need a partner who can design and build their environment in an end to end manner.

SYLVERSYS can be your trusted partner in your IT transformational journey. We have the technological prowess, expertise and best practices for monitoring and management of your hybrid environment. We can design infrastructures to support platforms and devices across the organisation to provide a dynamic, secure and robust IT environment and help provide high availability.


What you get with it

New actors and technologies are emerging in the market. Increasing integration of IT on premise, hosted IT and Cloud are generating more complexity. SYLVERSYS Infrastructure Services guides you in this fast-changing landscape.

We deliver Infrastructure Transformation to achieve cost effectiveness and financial performance, business and IT alignment, risk reduction and improved end-user experience. Over more than 10 years, SYLVERSYS consultants have developed a set of methodologies and services such as:

  • Supplier Performance monitoring and Multi-supplier coordination
  • Costing and Sourcing improvement
  • IT efficiency and Service design
  • Governance and Organization design
  • Move from Service Management to Service Orchestration
  • AD & Identity Migration
  • IT Tools Integration (e.g. ITSM, System Management)


How we run it

Our certified experts will help deliver these promises to you by utilizing the expertise of our IT infrastructure experts around four main areas:

  • IT Infrastructure Strategy Services
  • IT Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services
  • IT Infrastructure Consolidation and Virtualization Services
  • IT Infrastructure Application Enablement Services
  • IT Infrastructure Management and Automation Services
  • IT Infrastructure Consolidation and Virtualization Services

Server, storage, networking and IT Infrastructure management technologies are all converging and becoming integrated platforms. Experts like SYLVERSYS Consulting International are empowering this future.

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