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Every year, nearly one in five businesses suffers a major interruption. Solid business continuity plans and good crisis preparation prevent such interruptions from becoming business-critical issues that threaten viable operations.

SYLVERSYS takes a thorough, “all hazards” approach that supports the entire business continuity process, enabling our clients to develop robust, repeatable plans. SYLVERSYS’ consultants work with you to identify the threats and risks you face, and to develop and implement systems and strategies. We set up and train teams to manage crises at all levels in your organisation.

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Build the Continuity Processes & Make the Difference

Well-designed business continuity plans and crisis management processes will recover the business in an orderly way and within specified timeframes. Such plans are critical to ensuring that your essential operations can carry on in the event of an interruption, and that damage to your business’s reputation, employees, assets and commercial viability is kept to a minimum.

SYLVERSYS’ business continuity and crisis management consultants provide support throughout the entire business continuity lifecycle:

  • Business impact analysis – We identify your key business processes, people, systems and dependencies, and the impact their interruption would have on the business
  • Risk assessment – We design and run realistic simulations to test your plans and systems and help your people to develop the knowledge and skills they need to manage crises. We use workshops to review and identify the risks and threats to your business, your people, reputation, customers, property and other assets
  • Strategies – Our consultants will work with you to investigate and develop strategies for recovery before any serious impact is suffered
  • Document plans – We document agreed strategies, implement crisis management structures and create clear lines of escalation and communications
  • Exercise and implement – Exercises for our clients’ business continuity teams give them a chance to practice their roles and responsibilities when their plan is put into action. We also offer awareness training to a wider group of employees to build their knowledge of the plans
  • Review and maintain – SYLVERSYS helps clients review and maintain their business continuity plans to ensure they continue to reflect changing threats
  • Manage an interruption – In the event of an interruption, expertise from SYLVERSYS can help keep the impact, costs and reputational damage to a minimum


Why use it

Business Continuity Management ‘s (BCM) main purpose is to prevent any significant impact on the brand, image and reputation of the enterprise, whilst ensuring business continuance. This requires the implementation of a Business Continuity Programme that is an enabling mechanism for information sharing, delivering improvements to the protection of assets and people, and the implementation of plans for major incidents.

We specialize in creating business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry. SYLVERSYS will work with you to build a continuity program that is credible, pragmatic, and long-lasting.

We provide this support through access to a mix of regional consultants and our pool of business continuity management (BCM) experts who can help to deliver all aspects of a BCM programme aligned with ISO 22301 or other accepted global standards.


What You Get with it

SYLVERSYS has the reach to assist customers in developing their ability to respond to any disruption to their business operations.

  • managing the immediate response to changing events by developing a business support team
  • facilitating the board level interaction required to manage a crisis that has the capacity to destroy future business
  • understanding and application of recognised good practice to facilitate business recovery

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an elaborate exercise which ensures the continuance of mission critical business processes in spite of interruptions. Having a sound BCM programme enables your company to deliver during a business disruption.

To help you implement your BCMS, our services include:

  • „BCM Programme Management
  • „BCM Planning
  • „BCMS Implementation
  • „BCMS Auditing
  • „Practice and Implementation Training
  • BCM Online Dashboard Design and Deployment


How We Run it

In line with BCM, ISO 22301 is a formal standard  released by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It provides guidelines on the system, response strategies, maintenance, improvements, and implementation of business continuity plans.

You can use our BCM Consulting provides services to plan, design, implement, and test business continuity plans. SCI follows a phased approach to design a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as per the PDCA cycle of ISO 22301 for an organization.

At SYLVERSYS, we deliver in a BCMS Implementation a toolkit designed to cover the full lifecycle of a BCM programme.

Our deliverables include:

  • BCM Programme Management Documents – Policy and Procedures
  • BCMS Planning – Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment Documents
  • BCMS Design – Business Continuity, Supply Chain, Technology Strategies Documents
  • BCMS Implementation – Business Continuity Plan and Procedures Documents
  • BCMS Maintenance – Exercises and Tests Documents
  • BCMS Review and Continual Improvement – BCM Dashboard
  • BCMS Internal Auditing – BCMS Internal Audit and Recommendation Reports
  • BCMS Training – We are a certified PECB Training Provider and our training offers include among others:
  • BCMS Certification – We are certified PECB Partner for Management System Certification.
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