Cloud Computing! The acclaimed next-generation way of computing offers many benefits indeed. Leveraging both P2P (Peer-2-Peer) and Online collaboration technologies, Cloud Computing brings to this humanity a new breed of services such as SaaS (Software as a Service), and Platform as a Service. If you’ve ever used Google Docs, you’re in the know!

The architecture supporting Cloud computing is one similar to distributed computing.

Comparing this new disruptive technology to the Power Grid systems around the world, one may say that cloud computing will probably turn out to be a utility service, just like electricity, water, and gas supplies; that is, instead of relying on your own resources such as servers, softwares, support, and maintenance, you rather buy it (or rent it) out from a large provider, and only pay for what you use. Pretty sleek business model. But that’s where i’m airing issues!

Cloud computing brings in even more security challenges than traditional server-based computing, where at least, data ownership was controlled. Taking for instance Amazon’s EC2 cloud service (Elastic Compute Cloud), where one can rent virtual servers for almost 1.00 USD per hour, means that one would be typically hosting his services elsewhere; probably a new outsourcing business model; but one that makes you shiver!

I seriously doubt anyone willing to host sensitive information would go that far, but hey! this world never misses to surprise me. My two cents is that Cloud computing may be privately owned and used by large organizations or governments, where control and ownership is defined. However, it’s a tad too early for mass adoption, and I’m sure the hacking community is most probably sharpening their tools: BRING IT ON!