It has just been a while since my last post on this blog. Sorry about it :)…¬†Today this post is about finding out how company can use BPM to have an real impact on customer satisfaction… Hmm… Let me rephrase, it’s about finding out how customers can use BPM to force companies enhance their satisfaction (I mean the customers’).

Why should it be the other way round?

I have been thinking and discussing a lot lately with some peers about this and mainly how can the customer be really the king as many organizations says they treat them. How can the buyers have a complete view on the status of their requests on a real time basis? How can I know whether the hospital I go for my health check is the best in terms of quality, price, responsiveness, etc?

Can a “public” BPMS promoting self service requests achieve this? Let me twist it a little bit… What if you had the opportunity to raise a request which is sent to several companies? Companies will have to submit to you their proposal and based on several reviews of other customers who have already been served by those companies, the specifics of their proposal, the quality of their services (using some kind of rating), you can now decide which one of them will serve you as a customer.

This process is already in use between organizations, between suppliers and contractors so why not between buyers and sellers of all kind (like individual customers with large corporate).

How can this be achieved?

With the current trends with social networking, we can see many new services, applications, websites using social knowledge and social graphs to provide more values to end users.

By building something a platform which can leverage on these new features, can someone build something of this kind? Using a BPMS (or an ACMS) one can build a platform where customers will be empowered to be really the KING by having a complete and transparent view of the whole process. But the question is will the companies buy in?

For me life is about process, everything you do on a daily basis follows some specific trends: you wake up, you brush, bath, wear your clothes, eat, go to work (or go to what is your occupation), get back at home, etc. In the same line, the process of you interacting with a company for a product or a service is also a process, can it be at your advantage as a customer? What would you do for it to happen. Do you want to be really the KING or leave the statement as a dream.

What are your thoughts?