STEP #1:
Get the Setup right
You will need the following in your meeting room:

  • 1x TV or Video Projector
  • 1x HD Webcam with Integrated Microphone (or separate Microphone) connected to the Mini-PC
  • 1x PC (Recommend 1x Mini PC loaded with your Operating System of choice) connected via HDMI to the TV or Video Projector and to the local network for Internet access
STEP #2: 
Sign up for Internet Access (Preferably1-2 Mbps dedicated for HD).
Protect your internal network with a Firewall, or better yet a Unified Threat Management device (UTM).
STEP #3:
Sign up for a well-secured (SSL encrypted) cloud-based Video Conferencing solution. There are a lot on the market, and for all budgets.
You may try the following:
STEP #4:
Install the video conference client app or plugin on the mini-PC connected via HDMI.
STEP #5:
Invite some colleagues and friends to give you a call from their notebooks, and enjoy the video conference session.
Well, here we are! If you need further details on the setup or would like to explore additional features such as integration with an IP-PBX telephony network, kindly talk to a Sales Representative at SYLVERSYS Consulting International