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18 NovIdentity and access management in Africa: SYLVERSYS & Atricore join forces

US-based Atricore, Inc. is teaming up with Sylversys, bundling top tier security auditing capabilities with enterprise level identity and access management solutions throughout West Africa.

Dakar, Senegal

November 9, 2016

Africa-based IT security consulting firm Sylversys has partnered with Silicon Valley’s Atricore in the latest expansion of IT security and IAM for the African marketplace. Properly known as Sylversys Consulting International, the firm has offices in Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso and is currently setting up operations in Nigeria.  By combining Sylversys’ local reach and IT infrastructure expertise with Atricore’s first-class identity and access management solutions, the two companies can provide budget-friendly security to a market that is vital to the world economy and growing, yet traditionally underserved.

The partnership is especially promising in cases where enterprise or government entities need to implement IAM, yet have potential or ongoing security risks in their IT infrastructure. In these cases, expertise in auditing and mitigating security risk is essential to cut off potential or currently active cyber threats before implementing the identity and access management solutions that are vital to business success. In Africa’s expanding marketplace, top-notch solutions to these challenges and the local support to implement and support them, has been sparse.

“At SYLVERSYS, we have seen that Information Security is not fully taken into account by businesses and organisations both in the public and private sectors, when planning or implementing their IT infrastructure and solutions,” says Serge Philippe Ouedraogo, CEO at SYLVERSYS. “We want to fill this gap and become the reference information security solutions provider in Africa. We are proud to join forces with Atricore.”

“As a global Managed Services Provider in IT, we address the technology challenges of businesses and governments in Africa,” added Adama Diouf, Vice President, Business Solutions at SYLVERSYS. “Partnering with Atricore brings us the final building block we need to complete our Security Operations Center offering with their first class IAM solution.”

Cybercrime is a growing global phenomenon which, according to a 2013 report by Symantec, Inc., is increasing at a more rapid rate in Africa than in any other area of the world. Cybersecurity experts estimate that 80 per cent of personal computers on the African continent are infected with viruses and other malicious software.

Cybercriminals have long considered Africa as an opportune environment for their criminal acts. Statistics indicate that Africa is very prone to cyber-related threats due to the high number of domains, coupled with very weak network and information security. For organizations without a formalized information security capability, the creation from scratch of a security operations center that enables centralized visibility, alerting and investigation can be a daunting task. The combination of a quality security program backed with a strong identity and access management solution is a key success factor.

“Sylversys has a long track record of successfully delivering cybersecurity solutions for all kind of firms and has deep knowledge of Atricore products”, says Atricore CEO Gianluca Brigandi. “As a result, we know we have a trusted partner in Sylversys to take the lead in West Africa.”

Silicon Valley-based Atricore powers businesses worldwide with quick and easy IAM, providing budget-wise and time-effective identity and access management solutions. For more information, please visit the Atricore web site at

SYLVERSYS Consulting International is a solutions integration firm with a specialty in providing secure computer and network products/solutions for businesses and organizations in the private and public sector. Find more on Sylversys at

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