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BPM in Banking and Financial Services
July 29, 2011

Business Process Management can help banks and financial institutions to save money and time while enhancing value added for customers. It…

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BPMS as the single portal for companies
June 16, 2011

I have been sharing thoughts recently with other EAI professionals about putting in place a single portal for all employees of…

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Why BPM cannot be ignored for IT Systems?
June 1, 2011

As businesses become more sophisticated internally and interconnected externally, managers phrase BPM more often to address a need for IT systems…

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Future with BPM: Cost Vs. Benefits & Strategies (article from BPM institute)
May 30, 2011

A Prominent factor of international business today is its strategic direction.  Global firms are competing with a wider variety of business…

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BPM: A simple workflow (by Adam Deane)
May 30, 2011

“Good day to you sir” said the barber as he led the customer to the chair. “What kind of haircut would…

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Reduced cost leads to improved outcomes
May 29, 2011

What separates winners from losers in the global marketplace? It’s the ability to take quick, confident action in a constantly changing…

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Let’s talk about processes
May 18, 2011

Basically, all companies are built on processes. How do you hire a new employee? How do you buy new materials? How…

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About BPM…
April 10, 2011

In today’s economic climate, companies demand higher productivity, better cost control, and improved risk management to cope with frequent market changes…

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The Truth behind Zero-Day Attacks
April 7, 2010

Zero-Days attacks represent the most frightful nightmares of all security concerns out there in the world. But first, let’s put a…

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Security in the Cloud -Should it be trusted?
November 27, 2009

Cloud Computing! The acclaimed next-generation way of computing offers many benefits indeed. Leveraging both P2P (Peer-2-Peer) and Online collaboration technologies, Cloud…

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